Feakins Residence

Interior finishes on a newly remodeled 8000 sq. ft. house, including painting, staining, drywall patching, and wallpaper.



  • Large-scale
  • Project Management
  • Narrow Completion Windows


  • Patched drywall and painted all ceilings, walls, and trim.
  • Sanded and clear-coated beams and hanging barn door
  • Installed accent wallpaper
  • Removed old poly and stain from 5000 sq. ft. of pine flooring, applied new stain and non-oil based poly (to avoid yellowing)
  • Finished custom upright “floating” floor, being careful to avoid over-sanding (which could cause shifts)
  • Project began with little lead time and was completed in a narrow time frame.
  • Project manager and onsite foreman coordinated with multiple other trades involved in the remodel, along with our own team of skilled craftsmen, to keep the project running smoothly.