Fichthorn Barns

Exterior refinishing of 6 barns (the oldest of which dates back to 1838) including an octagonal barn, a rare, architectural gem that is one of only a handful of its kind surviving in Pennsylvania today.



  • Historical Preservation
  • Large Surface Area
  • High Elevations


  • Media blasted wood to remove paint scale and create solid surface for primer to adhere to (helps avoid cracking)
  • Power washed metal roof with turbo tip to remove rust
  • Reglazed all window sashes
  • Applied linseed primer to wood for better penetration and longevity, then 2 coats (each sprayed and back brushed) satin-finish 100% acrylic
  • Applied rust-inhibiting primer and matte-finish silver aluminum (2 coats) to metal roof
  • Higher elevations were reached using our own bucket and ladder trucks, preventing potential damage to building and grounds, along with saving time and cost for our client